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New Life Recordings is a high quality digital project studio located in Lakeland Fl. Designed to meet the needs of today's artists, we offer everything you need from start to finish of your project. Utilizing top DAW's and PlugIn's we can offer incredibly low project rates at exceptionally high standards. Stop by today and start your next project with us...

We are a growing business with a growing list of major clientele. Our passion, knowledge, and pure talent, excels us to a leading studio in mid Florida.

Our Tascam DM 3200 give us the power and flexibility we need to provides in today's market. With analog consoles, to revisit a mix, it would take an hr to reassign all the outboard gear, reset all the faders and pots; but at NLR, with our desk and Pro Tools 10, we can instantly recall any session as if we never left. We are able to track with effects from the console or add effects "in the box". We normally have a small amount of compression, to control peaks, going into Pro Tools. After we will apply any effect we will need.

For major label projects, we track and mix all audio at 96k for archiving purposes. When working at this sample rate, most consoles, interfaces, and DAW's lose track count. We don't. We remain with all track counts at full resolution with all of our onboard effects and mixing capabilities. Easy playback and no storage bottlenecks.

For independent artists, we love helping you. We have written, produced, and engineered tons of songs from independent to major artists. Our strengths is in our passion for making great music and everything else that accompanies it. We have amazing photographers, graphic designers, and video teams that together, has worked on numerous projects for fortune 500 companies around the world. From capturing heart wrenching moments in earthquake struck, 3rd world countries to, recording and editing intimate player sensitive information for Major League sports teams, to everything audio related in between.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality production at the most exceptional rates. Come by today and start your next project with us...


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